Leather Clip Hood

An exciting new product for Forage!

Made using superior nubuck leather, with a luxuriant faux fur lining these scarves will stand out a mile!

Currently  available in the colour "wildcat" or "lynx" 



£56.00 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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So good I bought it twice. 5 product stars
"(For wildcat style hood) Yes, it's 50-something, but I splashed out at a festival and my god if isn't the best thing ever. Soft and fluffy on the inside, good quality soft nubuck leather on the outside. I don't know about in tropical storms, but for rain (and I live in Scotland), I'll take this instead of an umbrella. It also serves as a pillow for long journeys, plus turn it around on a long-haul flight and you've got soft, comfortable, breathable darkness. The clip adjusts how tight it is, which is super handy for when it's windy, and also means you can clip it to your bag if you get too warm in it. One time I didn't remember to clip it, and I lost it on a bus, like a numpty. So after a few months of missing it, I've just bought it again as we go into autumn/winter. In short: Great quality, functional, durable, love the way it feels and looks; it's a good investment." Natasha Nicholson - 09/09/2017

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