Forage was born in 2005, conceived for a passion for travel, design, and festivals!

We design and produce clothing, Pocket Belts and bags, Jewellery,
 and Funky, Fair trade, Finger-knitted Hats.

We spend the winter in India: travelling, designing, and making jewellery. Sourcing materials, fabrics, stones, and working with local tailors,  silversmiths and artisans to bring our ideas to life.

Summer we spend travelling England selling our creations, proud to be a part of
the most diverse and dynamic gatherings for artists and musicians that the UK has to offer - the festivals!

We love being part of the festival community, and the creative platform it gives to independent artists, musicians and performers.  This freedom has allowed us to grow over the years to the
 size we are today without compromising our individuality.


Forage events

Forage is a fully immersive festival boutique,   buzzing with vibrant décor and unusual products,   and we get incredible feed back!
We believe that everyone involved with a festival is there to contribute
something unique and creative,  and we love taking part in this role!

The Forage Festival Boutique is regularly complemented for making the extra effort to bring something really special to the event. Bringing our customers high quality, exclusive designs, ethically produced, and stunningly displayed in an inspiring and creative boutique setting, with hard work and attention to detail put in to our display, décor and ambience.

Our stall has a very attractive boutique layout, with a forest style display of fern leaves and fallen wood bursting from the centre table. Delicate jewellery hangs from twisted tree branches suspended from the ceiling.  Patches of bright, colourful flowers bloom out of the grass sporadically around the stall, and each corner of the shop is positively dripping with live, fresh ivy!

Christmas Markets

In 2012 Forage returned to the famous Manchester Christmas Market , and we were very proud to be presented the Gold award for house presentation, for the second year running!

"These are prestigious awards only presented to traders who go that extra mile to create a unique and interesting house display.
GOLD; an outstanding achievement, the design must be new,
 original and unique. The highest standard in all of the judging criteria"

The Forage Ethic

We have strong ethical and environmental principles; we source our materials ourselves
and work only with small family businesses.
~ Recycled.  Our belts are made using largely recycled leather off cuts from large furniture manufacturers
~ Sustainable. We source much of our own wood sustainably from orchards in Kent.
~ Fairly Traded. Our hats are made as part of our non-profit 'Forage finger-knitted' project set up in 2008, in which we organise finger-knitting workshops for women in poor communities, supply the wool, then buy the hats from them for a fair price. With each hat comes a leaflet containing a photo of the woman who made it.